How We Help

In the past 7 years, we have helped over 3,000+ families/individuals receive their FHA/HUD Refund Checks. We specialize in helping families who are owed at least $1,000+ and are paid AFTER clients receive their FHA/HUD Refund Checks.

We provide clients with the following:

  • The FHA/HUD CASE #
  • The prepared Paperwork (ready to be signed and Notarized)
  • The necessary Real Estate Documents
    • Copy of the “Original Mortgage”
    • Copy of the “Satisfaction of Mortgage”
  • The Contact Information – so that families can contact HUD by Phone, Fax, and E-Mail.

Once we have everything prepared, we mail the Paperwork (and the Real Estate Documents) directly to the client. The client then has the Government Paperwork signed and Notarized and then the client personally submits the paperwork (and Real Estate Documents) directly to HUD. 

We also encourage clients to follow-up with an E-Mail or phone call to HUD in order to “Confirm” that HUD has received the necessary Paperwork and the required Real Estate Documents. Once HUD has received the necessary information, HUD states that the Refund will be disbursed within 120 days.

Once the Government Paperwork is processed and the Refund is approved, the Refund Check is mailed directly to the individual at their home address. This Refund Check is issued in the form of a United States Treasury Check and it is always mailed directly to the client – it never comes to us.

What We Charge Our Clients

We get paid by receiving a “10% Finder’s Fee” and a $95 “Preparation Fee” – from the individual – AFTER they have actually received their FHA/HUD Refund Check.

Once the client receives their FHA/HUD Refund Check, the client then mails us a check (or money order) for the “10% Finder’s Fee” and the $95 “Preparation Fee” – for the Refund Recovery Service that we provided.

We also accept online payments.

We require NO up-front money and we are NOT paid unless the client receives their FHA/HUD Refund Check. If the client does NOT receive their FHA/HUD Refund Check – then there is NO CHARGE for our services.

To Insure Prompt Payment from HUD